Chandrayan Workshop (Grade 1 - 5)

"The day we stop exploring is a day we commit ourselves to live in a stagnant world,devoid of curiosity, empty of dreams."

We all are living in an era of leading the journey to inspire, innovate and discover something new everyday.
Taking this thought ahead, Prudence Junior in collaboration with the dynamic teams of Nurture Roots, Stem & Space organised workshop of Chandrayaan 2, for students from grade 1 -5 in the school premises on 3rd of August.
Children from all schools enthusiastically took part and explored in this workshop.They were enthralled by the  session which took them to the world of stars and moon.
The Rover demonstration was mesmerising for one and all.To witness the working of Rover on the Moon's surface was a delight for every child. 
It was a day filled with fun, exploration of space beyond imagination and loads of learning.
We would like to extend our heartiest regards to team of Nurture Roots and Stem and Space for this valuable workshop.