World Senior Citizen's Day Celebrations

Senior citizens- A treasure in our family.A gift of greatest price to our society.... There's no one quite as special.

Our beautiful and very peppy grandparents are a delightful blend of laughter, caring deeds, wonderful stories, and love.
They are our best friends who understand us more than anyone else in this world.
Their unconditional love is priceless and to have them in our life is an actual blessing for all of us.
Prudence Junior Anand Vihar celebrated " World Senior Citizen Day" with full zeal and verve.It was a day which brought its essence with the benign presence of the loving grandparents of our amazing students' in the school premises. They were welcomed with a warm hug by their grandchildren, they were mesmerised when their grandchildren put tilak on their forehead and sprinkled flowers on them. Different activities were conducted to make them feel special.
Children made special cards and used all their creative skills to present a token of love to their heart- their Grandparents.
Indeed it was a special day for all which made us recall all the beautiful memories we had with our grandparents.